Буксируемый баллон Lugz 2 местный

The Lugz 2 is similar to the Bubba series from WOW but with an added dimension. The new curved aerodynamic shape gives the riders the option of steering this 2 person towable tube. This boating tube comes with 3 tow points. One for front towing, one for back towing, and one on the bottom for optional steering capability. You can sit, kneel, stand or lay down on this tube. By shifting your weight from left to right you can take control of where you want to go or you can just back and ride it like a regular towable tube for boating. The U-shaped body design slips over the boat wake easily for a fast-action, thrilling ride not found on most other inflatable towables.
•2 person towable tube with optional steering capability •
Bold new graphics design •
U-shaped body for more action on the water •
TUFF SHELL Full Nylon Cover with Zipper •
Heavy-Duty PVC Bladder •
12 Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards •
Full size EVA Foam Pads •
Zippered Valve Covers •
Speed Valve for Fast Inflation and Deflation •
Dimensions Inflated 74x66

Производитель: «WOW», США

 цена 24700 руб
Под Заказ 5-7 дней


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