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Разборный Кайтборд SU-2 ProKiteBIrd SPLIT 2017

This new concept of 3-parts/element/ connective in SPLITboard is perfect choice for traveling kitesurfers.
No more extra payment for your quiver at airports !!
SU-2 Split Kite Travel Board is easy and quick to assembly.Due to normal board size 138cmx42cm, you can simple change this dimensions to; 69x42x8cm pack!! It’s enough to pack it up  into regular suitcase.
Innovation in SU-2 SPTB is third element – connective; special molded carbon plate, is responsible for long time durability and endurance.The carbon plate connective giving this board normal flex, pop and rocker as regular  all-around kiteboard!SU-2 SPTB boards meets all nautical requirements, even with advance – connective  is reducing longitudinal twisting of the board.Our Testriders were fascinated abilities of SPLITKiteboard and positive feedback !
Thanks to  this superb technology you will no more need kiteboardbag.
We promise you

Обзор Складной Кайтборд SU-2

Размеры : 138 x 42 см

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