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Кайтборд SU 2 On the Edge Full Carbon

Кайтборд SU 2 On the Edge Full Carbon.

On The Edge: our best board yet. The latest technology and the best materials – carbon and Kevlar – have been combined in the ideal shape. It’s the “Holy Grail of Kiteboarding”. 
We all want to make light, durable, comfortable boards that ride well upwind, with an amazing pop and smooth landing—and with On The Edge we’ve done just that! 
This is a board for kitesurfers of all stripes. 
From beginners who will appreciate its ease in riding upwind, intermediate kitesurfers who will love its comfort and stable feel under their legs, through to advanced riders who can go nuts after their first few jumps. 
As the name suggests, this board rides “the edge” like no other. It’s a must-have in your quiver. 
Try it once, and you’ll never want another board again.

Размеры :133cm,137cm,141cm,145cm,149cm

Особенности : материалы –  карбон и кевлар
Цена 750 евро 

Под заказ 7-10 дней

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