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Comfort above all else.
This board’s refined shape combines the best of the ProRider CL and 3D.
The concave bottom boosts the board’s top-end speed and agility, while the channels at the tips give you all the stability of the 3D model.
This allows the board to run very fast, yet remain exceptionally stable while tracking.
The ProSeries is the best choice for beginner kiters and those who appreciate the added comfort under their feet.
The board’s medium flex can handle even the most difficult riding conditions, so whether you want to skim a flat lagoon, cut through a light chop on the bay or ride larger waves, the ProSeries is sure to deliver.
Relax and enjoy every moment out on the water.

Размеры :134cm,138cm,142cm,146cm

 Цена 400 евро 

Под заказ 3-5 дней

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